newbie problems in post-install with mkdir in win98

Roger Lee
Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999

Thanks for all the advice from
    Mikey,     Larry Hall,    Jan-Friedrich Mutter,    Pierre A. Humblet

The basic problem was that I had omitted to escape the single dos-style
backslash on the mount and the suggested:
    mount c:\\cygroot /
seems to give much better results. Now the mkdirs work as expected.

Several additional helpful suggestions were gratefully received as well as
where to find the man command; I guess I naively hoped for a basic man setup
with the full distribution - it would have been nice to include the man
command and an initial man page ("man man") explaining how to get the full
manpages, but perhaps the full distribution is already big enough :-(

Thanks again!!

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