wget blocked by Microsoft Proxy Server firewall

Vadim Egorov egorovv@1c.ru
Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999

I don't know whether it is of any help but WinSock proxy settings can be 
controlled though mspclnt.ini and Wspcfg.ini files. I have no much
about its matter but i had to disable winsock proxy for X programs by
into X11R6.4/bin directory Wspcfg.ini file with

[Common Configuration]

in it to be able to run them on my computer. Otherwise sockets simply
work while winSock proxy was enabled.


Yu-Jui Lee wrote:
> Hi,
> I once used Andy Piper's cygwin /usr/local stuff happily until my
> company installed Microsoft Proxy Server as firwall. The ftp.exe and
> telnet.exe of Andy's are all blocked by the firewall but still work
> well within the firewall. On the other hand, the ftp.exe and
> telnet.exe that come with Ms Win98 still work happily through the
> firewall. I'm using Cygwin b20.1
> I strongly suspect that it is the problem of the cygwin environment
> but still cannot pinpoint it. I then got the gnu wget source for
> testing. I compiled wget.exe 2 times with MSVC6 and Cygwin tool chain
> respectively. As I have expected, the cygwin version is always blocked
> by the firewall while the msvc6 version can reach outside with no
> problem. When I traced cygwin version into the source code with gdb, I
> found it is blocked at line 91 of connect.c where the statement is,
>   if (connect (*sock, (struct sockaddr *) &sock_name, sizeof (sock_name)))
>   ...
> I also traced the MSVC6 version that it passed this statement with no
> problem.  I can only reach here and have no idea to investigate
> further. I don't know if it is the cygwin1.dll that makes the proxy
> function incorrect. Actually not only the proxy server is installed at
> the server computer, my PC also installed the WSP (WinSock Proxy)
> client. The WSPWSP.dll is added to \windows\system directory. Anyone
> can help?
> Thanks!
> Yu-Jui Lee
> Trinity Communications Inc.
> Taipei Taiwan.
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