Shell scripts?

Ian Zimmerman
Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999 wrote:
> Hello, I have been using this program for a while now and I cant seem to
> figure out how to run shell scripts. I want to run the configure script for
> Circle mud but it says "no such file or directory exists" does anyone have an
> idea?
> here is what the tutorial says:
> How to compile using Cygnus GNU-Win32 Tools:
> (Type green text as shown)
> Get Cygnus completly installed.
> Start bash    (After installing GNU-Win32 there should be a shortcut to it in
> the start menu)
> When you first install Cygnus you will need to use this command in order for
> shell scripts to run properly, you only ever have to do this once:
> ln -s C:/CYGNUS/B19/H-I386~1/bin /bin
> Note: This may be different depending on your version of GNU-Win32, and if
> you installed to a different folder.
> While in the circle folder type:
> ./configure <----this is where the error is
> When it is done type:
> cd src
> make
> To run it, get into the circle folder again (cd .. if you just compiled it)
> ./autorun

I have had the same problem on my FAT fs.  The reason is that FAT
doesn't have an executable permission bit, so Cygwin must rely on awful
hacks to guess if a file is executable.  Try "sh configure" instead, it
works for me.

Ian Zimmerman
Lightbinders, Inc.
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