[ANN] Dynamically linked perl5.005_03 binary & patches

Charles S. Wilson cwilson@ece.gatech.edu
Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999

"Charles S. Wilson" wrote:

> The binary:
> ftp://belgarion.resnet.gatech.edu/pub/cygwin/B20/perl/perl5.005_03-cygwinb20-dynamic-v1.4.tar.bz2
> md5sum:
> 0a615a7c25b38d3aecd3c93884ec618c
> *perl5.005_03-cygwinb20-dynamic-v1.4.tar.bz2

Nope. Wrong md5sum. Here's the correct one (remove the line break if the mailer wraps it. there should be a
single space between 'cee6' and '*perl5')

4fd47ea14233b8a7319855dd2e97cee6 *perl5.005_03-cygwinb20-dynamic-v1.4.tar.bz2


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