texinfo install

Richard Hickling hicklinr@mcd.alcatel.be
Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999

> The problem seems to have been that I
> first used WinZip to decompress the original tar.gz file.  I don't have a
> clue
> why this had any adverse effects (the directory structure was intact) but
> when
> I used just tar in a bash sell the make worked perfectly!  That is, I just
> did "./configure" then "make all" with no additional settings.  Other than
> using
> tar vs WinZip everything was identical.  (I did need to be root when running
> make in order for some link to be set.)

Yes I also decompressed with WinZip.  I won't be so foolish again.
I will attempt to rebuild texinfo forthwith.

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