RCS 5.7 & bin/text mounts

Ian Miller ian@gingerspice.demon.co.uk
Thu Feb 3 16:31:00 GMT 2000

Hi, I'd like some advice on how I can make best use of the RCS 5.7 port
for Cygwin B20. The README file says:-

     - the package has been built for binary mounts and not tested on
       nonbinary ones. But as RCS internally handles its files in UN*X
       LF format I don't expect it to work.

However, I have all my partitions mounted as text!=binary as recommended by
various posters and FAQs. I used to use the DJGPP port of RCS in conjunction
with NTEmacs 20.x and had no problems; but now if I check stuff in and out
using NTEmacs and my old RCS files, I get corrupted RCS files, though it
seems to work perfectly with newly created RCS files!

[I believe NTEmacs adopts the "approved" Cygwin approach of removing the 
CR's for display and replacing them when the file is written (even though
it is not itself a Cygwin port)? ]

I don't understand why there should be a problem with using this port of
RCS with text mounts, because surely it just means that extra characters
are checked in and out (i.e. the CR's)? I presume the DJGPP port did something
different re: the CR/LF situation, and that is why I am having trouble 
checking in/out old files? Please advise!


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