M Dipperstein
Fri Feb 4 06:32:00 GMT 2000

There have been several postings to the list which discuss pthreads and
the lack of "thread safety" in cygwin.  I was hoping somebody would
clarify the statement that cygwin is not thread safe.

I'm developing a thread package from the QuickThreads primitives.  The
final target is not cygwin, but it's a great tool for development along
the way.  So far, there seem to be no problems using the QuickThreads
primitives in code compiled with gcc under cygwin.

Are the only concerns regarding thread safety related to non-reentrant code
in the cygwin libraries?  If that's the only problem, I think I don't have
to worry.  The thread package I'll be working with is cooperative, and
will not allow for library routines to be reentered before they have


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