using gdb

Kris Thielemans
Thu Feb 17 18:43:00 GMT 2000


Whenever I'm using gdb to debug my C++ programmes (compiled with -g and 
without any optimisations), I have a lot of trouble stopping the programme. 
More precisely, I step into functions or over functions, and suddenly the 
execution goes right to the end of the programme. Even putting breakpoints 
at places which I know are executed does not help most of the time. Even 
using 'nexti' has this problem. (Only 'stepi' does work as intended, but 
that's not very convenient, is it?)

Anyone else seen this ? Suggestions ?


Kris Thielemans

I have cygwin b20.1, with Mumit's gcc 2.95.2, NT 4.0 sp5

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