Making GCC 2.95.2 Problems

Earnie Boyd
Tue Feb 22 05:59:00 GMT 2000

--- "Boyer,Galen" <> wrote:
> There is a prebuilt version?  I thought I had to do this until the gcj
> became part of the distribution with Emacs.  A prebuilt version would be
> alot easier.  Is there a quick way to find this on the cygwin site, or do I
> need to search a users group, ... ?  

Check the ported software column at

> BTW, What should I pay attention to so that I know where prebuilts of
> anything are?  I have subscribed to the and
> for a while now.  Have announcements come
> out and I have just missed them?  Maybe it is because Outlook limits my
> ability to find and organize things.  (I have been Ctrl-A anything that
> looks useful and then Alt-Tab'n to Emacs for saving these in text files with
> the same emails of like topics.  I know that sure isn't the way to go, but
> it is my way of keeping good things around for when I have time to try and
> implement them)
> Once I get this gcj thing going, I will tackle gnus and mail, but I have
> read a few horror stories of people trying to use mail and getting
> everything POP'd off their server and not being able to read there mail
> through Outlook anymore.  Didn't want that to happen, so I have sort of
> shied away from it.

Yes, this has been ported also.

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