Michael Besl michael.besl@dwtgmbh.de
Tue Feb 22 06:19:00 GMT 2000

Hello there,

i have a problem with the structure termios. At my linux system i
used the termios.c_cc[VTIME] for timeout for receiving bytes over
/dev/ttyS1. At my linux system this functions great, but not at my
win98 maschine. Here the program waits till the end of the world
without breaking cause of timeout. What i´m doing wrong??

Also i have another problem with receiving bytes over com1 at the
same program on my win98 maschine. When the programm receives ca. a
10Byte-Block then there is no problem. But when a Byte-block > 10Bytes
then the bytes are not correctly received. But when i run linux at
this maschine, then it functions great. The pitty is that it must run
on win9x, but i don´t know what i doing wrong? I also didn´t find
anything about this in the mailarchives.

I´m using a Pentium III with onboard serial (16550A?!) and the
cygwin-b20. I add the problematic routine at this email. Perhaps
someone has experience in using serial connection with the cygnus-b20?

Thanks in advance


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