LessTif 0.89.9 tar.gz file

Lamb, Ronald F. RLamb@wcom.net
Wed Feb 23 12:26:00 GMT 2000

lesstif-0.89.9-cygwin-v1.1.tar.gz was the file I was trying to untar.
I just mistyped the filename.

Yes, I am logged in as an administrator, the same account I have
been using for other installs including X11.

I tried running the command as a non administrator and get even worse

Just to try it I deleted the files where it said no permission and
everything worked, strange.  Its almost as if those files were already
sitting around but the permissions weren't right.


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I just untarred the lesstif0.89.9 tar-ball which I redistbute via
lesstif Organization.  It untars without problems.

tar -zxvfp lesstif-0.89.9-cygwin-v1.1.tar.gz

>From where did you get lesstif0.89.9.tar.gz.  There is no such file
on our LessTif Ftp server?

Anyhow looking at the first few lines of your error messages, 
it is rather
a read/write permission problem on your Windows machine.  Are you
on Windows NT, if so are you logged in as admin? Try loging in as a user
and extract under user account.


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