File permissions problems

Corinna Vinschen
Wed Feb 23 16:56:00 GMT 2000

Charles Wilson wrote:
> [...]
> However, inside /tmp there are a number of files whose permissions seem
> messed up:
> MultiFileMsg
> MultiFileSem
> MultiFileShm
> sock-11796
> sock-13111
> I can't even get a 'ls -l' on those files, without a permission denied
> error. The windows Properties->Security->Permissions dialog on the
> Multi* files shows:
> "The security information for F:\cygnus\cygwin-pre21\tmp\MultiFileMsg is
> not standard and cannot be displayed. Windows NT 3.x and 4.x support
> certain features such as Deny Access Control Entries but cannot edit
> ssecurity information which uses these features. The information may
> have been modified by a computer running Windows NT 5.0, which supports
> these features and can edit information which uses the. Do you want to
> overwrite the current security information?"

This is related to the latest patches to ntsec. I have already
described this behaviour (and it's reason) in the developers
mailing list on Jan 08, 2000, thread "ntsec-patch16 (and some other)".

Nevertheless it seems to be not a problem of ntsec but a result of
the open calls in ipc code. I have only version 1.03 and the open
calls which create the /tmp/Multi* files do create the files without
explicit permission, eg:


instead of

                0666) ;

> [...]
> The Multi* files are created by ipc-daemon, and I guess the sock-* files
> are created by the io_sock test (via the AF_UNIX cygwin subsystem.) In

The permissions of the sock-files are probably a cygwin error.
I will examine the related cygwin code when I have more time.


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