rebuilding cywin v1.0: where is sh.exe

Guy T. Moore Jr.
Thu Feb 24 11:29:00 GMT 2000


I am succumbing to editing c:\Cygwin\src\bash\make_cmd.c in order to 
get past this \r problem that I am experiencing using CLearCase's clearmake
from within a BASH window.
(ClearCase/Rational have acknowledged the problem, ClearCase defect # CMBU00030189,
 but have refused to fix it. Nice.)

I've run into a few snags:

I've noticed that the Cygwin v1.0 that I just purchased behaves somewhat differently
than the version B20 that I was using previously.
It seems that Cygwin v1.0 was mounting the C:\Cygwin in "binary" mode rather
than "text!=binary" as did the Cygwin B20.
Anyone else notice this? 

(I unmounted this, otherwise I couldn't even use Cygwin's make to build my stuff
 without encountering an assert in read.c.)

OK so then I edit c:\Cygwin\src\bash\make_cmd.c and put in changes that I got
from this email list and then kicked off a full build.
  cd c:\Cygwin

It built everything with just a couple of errors. 
   (I think I am not that concerned with those errors.)

The make'ing of the "install" target failed because it couldn't find "sed".
Anyone know about this error?

After the build I have no sh.exe under c:\build1.
I do have a new bash.exe but it is the sh.exe that I would like to use (I think)
in my makefiles as "SHELL=sh.exe".
Anyone know if sh.exe is supposed to get rebuilt and how it differs from


Guy Moore

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