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Glenn Spell glenn@gs.fay.nc.us
Sat Feb 26 01:07:00 GMT 2000

On 25 Feb 2000 around  2:51PM (-0800) Kendall Bennett wrote:

> Or is there a stable, later snapshot that I can install and 
> use effectively

In my opinion, the most stable and the best-of-the-best all-time
Cygwin package was the 19991204 development snapshot. I'd like
to see that included with the new Net Release.

bash-2.03$ uname -a
CYGWIN_95-4.0 GS.FAY.NC.US   22.0(0.16/3/2) 1999-12-5 00:16:58 i586 unknown

Unfortunately, it's not presently available.

Someone (Earnie ?) mentioned that we might want keep that one like
DJ did with the 19990115. Someone else stated that yes we might want
to do that but not yet since keeping it would detract from checking
out the later packages (apparently because 19991204 was so highly
regarded and because development was changing focus from fixing bugs
to something else) and concluded with the observation that besides,
we still had plenty of time to make the decision about keeping it.

I kept the DLL but not the source because I figured I still had
plenty of time. <g> I do have the complete source for 19991124.

Does anyone still have the complete package for 19991204?
Can it be put up for download?

Actually, what might be useful is a branch in development. One
branch of "stable" and another branch of "cutting edge". The
stable branch could be based on 19991204.

Perhaps Redhat would consider an increase in resource allocation
for the Cygwin Project.


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