stupid question??

Andre Oliveira da Costa
Sat Feb 26 07:05:00 GMT 2000

After using Linux/IRIX/Solaris/AIX for development for more than 4
years, I am now forced to use NT because of job constraints. If it
weren't for Cygwin, life as a programmer would be unbearable with all
the usual Micro$oft crap like Visual C++,, BAT scripts, PC
Anywhere, etc. (and not to mention the countless reboots for _every_
little piece of software you install, from email clients to text
editors. It's almost unbelievable. Not completely satisfied with the
term "downtime" for its OSs, Micro$oft created the term "reboot-time".
Pretty sad... =T )

Keep the _great_ work, Cygwin folks -- you're surely making my life (and
others) a _lot_ easier.

Just my two cents.

Best regards,

Andre Oliveira da Costa

PS: I will finally, after some struggle, have a Linux server on my
intranet, so that some of the development we do and some services we
provide to our intranet users will run on it (after all, the development
of many of our systems was done with Cygwin, which makes them portable
"out of the box"). It's a small step, but it surely is forward ;)

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