Help redifining the LD make production

Peter Dufault
Sat Feb 26 07:19:00 GMT 2000

> > However, I can't figure out the "right way to do it", that is,
> > I can't figure out where I change one or two things and have this
> > sort of script (it doesn't have to be this, and I know it might have
> > something to do with "dllwrap") apply across the board.
> If this works, this is the right way ;-) 

This does indeed work, the question is is there one place
I can modify a or or or so on
and have this apply to all the programs, or do I have to start modifying
lots of's?  That is "the wrong thing to do" I referred to.

> The new upcoming binutils[1] will use the new pe-dll code that works like
> VC++ and Unix linkers and will create DLLs in one pass.
>   $ gcc -shared -o foo.dll -Wl,--out-implib,libfoo.a foo.def $OBJS $LIBS

THIS seems like the right thing to do.  Then I assume I can
set the correct LDFLAGS (or LDADD etc) somewhere or another in one place
and rebuild cygwin.

Thanks, I'll download the new binutils and get it working.

> for more info
> on building DLLs. It talks about methods 1 and 2 in some detail.

And another thanks, this helped me get as far as I did.

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