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Charles S. Wilson cwilson@ece.gatech.edu
Sun Feb 27 15:56:00 GMT 2000


  You make a number of very good points in your recent message, and
I both sympathize and agree with your stance. However, I am one of 
the folks who sent in a "bash is using 100% CPU" reports with no
debugging information.

> This week, I have spent considerable time trying to track down the
> various "bash is taking all of my CPU" problems despite the almost total
> lack of debugging information offered by any of the people reporting the
> problem.

I would have liked to send in debugging info -- but had no idea how to
do it. If I can't run bash, then I cannot run gdb either. Since the
native (microsoft-supplied) debugging tools are so poor, and cygwin-gdb
is not accessible, debugging a bash-related problem is quite a
It's possible I suppose to use a mingw-based gdb to debug the
bash, but I don't have mingw setup on my machine.

Anyway, that's my "excuse". I'm sure that many others were in the same
boat -- they wanted to help and wanted to provide useful debugging info.
But the failure (bash) was in the critical path for obtaining that info.
NOTE to others on the list: please, don't clutter the list with me-too
messages, even if this description matches your experience.

> For now, you're stuck with the volunteer efforts of myself, DJ, Corinna,
> Mumit, Sergey, Ron Parker, and a few others.  I don't expect that that
> will change any time soon, although, FWIW, you'll soon be seeing a
> "@cygnus.com" appended to Corinna's email address.

And I greatly appreciate the efforts of all the core developers in
and developing such a great tool. Thank you.

--Chuck Wilson

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