[ANN] perl5.5.660

Charles S. Wilson cwilson@ece.gatech.edu
Sun Feb 27 16:07:00 GMT 2000

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> "Charles S. Wilson" wrote:
> >
> > perl5.5.660 is now available at
> > http://cygutils.netpedia.net/V1.1/perl-5.5.660/ You will also find a few
> > precompiled modules at that location.
> > [...]
> > FWIW, I also built and tested 5.5.660 with ntsec ON. Here are those
> > results
> > [...]
> > Failed 19/234 test scripts, 91.88% okay. 171/11679 subtests failed,
> > 98.54% okay.
> Wow, I'm glad that it's only twice as much than with ntsec OFF.
> I'm not familar with perl but I will try to reproduce the test
> results for getting more information why these additional tests
> are failing.

Even with my recent fixes to gdbm and cygipc, I still think that many 
of these errors are in the external libraries and not in perl itself.
For instance, the complete failure of all ipc-sysv regression tests,
and the failures in the lib/odbm and lib/ndbm tests.

OTOH, there's plenty of ntsec-triggered failures in parts of perl
that do not rely on external libraries -- the base/rs tests, 
lib/dirhand.t, lib/filecache.t, lib/filepath.t, etc. 

OTO-O-H, there's a few tests that failed *without* ntsec, and worked
okay *with* ntsec -- lib/glob-basic.

I'm going to try a let my hair grow back before looking at this 
again, though. I pulled out way too much of it...


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