Undefined reference to '_ctype_'?

Charles S. Wilson cwilson@ece.gatech.edu
Sun Feb 27 22:44:00 GMT 2000

Chris Faylor wrote:
> My understanding was that, in this case, the problem was not that bash
> was inoperable.  It was that it was using a lot of CPU time.  That's
> doesn't mean that it isn't working.  Also, AFAICT, gdb should still work
> in this scenario even if bash is broken.

Well, in *my* case, bash hung forever while reading the .bashrc files,
AND used 100% CPU. The worst of both worlds.

> Anyway, the way that I debug the DLL is to put gdb and a "working" dll
> in the same directory and then use that to debug a broken dll.  Since
> Windows will find a DLL in the same directory as the executable, this
> works fine.

I did not know this. There have been so many warnings about "don't ever
ever ever even *think* about having multiple cygwin.dll's on your
system" that it never occurred to me.

> You can also get debugging output from the strace program.
> >Anyway, that's my "excuse".  I'm sure that many others were in the same
> >boat -- they wanted to help and wanted to provide useful debugging
> >info.  But the failure (bash) was in the critical path for obtaining
> >that info.  NOTE to others on the list: please, don't clutter the list
> >with me-too messages, even if this description matches your experience.
> Well, all you, or anyone, had to do was ask.

Yep. that is true.


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