Anyone ever written something like a "Cygwin for the Unix Idiot" guide

Travis Brooks
Sun Feb 27 23:10:00 GMT 2000

hi there

I downloaded cygwin last night, installed it (on Win95), put the bin on my 
PATH, and thought everything was working right.  I could compile and run 
everything from a dos window, until i tried something like:
// Call another program
#include <cstdlib>
using namespace std;

int main() {
And what i get back when i ran it was something like 
TheNameOfAnExecutableInThisDirectory: not found

I figured that there must be some sort of path problem (why else wouldn't it 
be found?) like setting the CLASSPATH for new packages in Java.  I poked 
around in the documentation and found bits of info sprinkled here and there 
about setting up the mount table in bash, this sort of sounded like it could 
be the source of my problem but i'm not sure.  I know the basics of mounting 
directories and cdroms and stuff in unix, but i'm confused about what i'm 
supposed to do here.  I typed "mount" in the bash window and all i get there 
mount: command not found
It seems that i need to do something before i can even get the bash to work. 
  Do you even need to use the bash shell to use cygwin? If i do need (or am 
strongly advised) to use bash, any pointers on how to set up a good .bashrc 
would be helpful too, but really all i want to do is get the executables 
executing.  Prior to downloading cygwin i was using djgpp (yes, i took it 
off the path) which seemed to just work the first time i tried it.

thanks for any help

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