issues with tcl/tk 8.2 itcl/itk 3.1 and gcc-2.95.2

Ian Jones
Wed Jan 5 12:10:00 GMT 2000

Hello, I am new to the list, and I am a fairly new user of the windows port 
of gcc (mingw32). Windows 98, gcc 2.95.2, etc.
Anywho...I am having tremendious problems getting tcl/tk and itcl/itk to 
agree with me whatsoever. I've tried everything I can think of and 
everything I can find on the net mentioning gcc and tcl/tk. I fell a little 
short however with Mumit Khan's patch idea, (he mentions in one spot on the 
web using certain patches for versions or egcs and older tcl/tk versions), 
however I could not make much out of it, due in part to brief directions but 
mostly to my ignorance of the patch program or the process of using it.

If anyone has achieved the feat of getting gcc to produce working versions 
of custom tcl/tk interpreters please enlighten me, It would be greatly 

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