is it right to ask it here?

Eyermann Horst ICP CD DP D11
Wed Jan 5 23:35:00 GMT 2000

I am using linux for two years now, and I like the DICT server
protocol (for dictionaries). Now I would like to get the package translated
the DOS environment, as it offers many features. However, I did not do any
programming so far, so I do need some help in fixing things. 
Or perhaps someone would be willing to port it? - I would appreciate that
much, and sould save some anoying questions...

My fist question is:
The compiler gets stuck, when the net part should be linked due to a missing
"nsl" library - I know it´s on linux, but I have not found out, where it
from. Can anyone help, please?

Thanks for porting the compiler & tools (it`s great to have bash on win95)


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