Internal Compiler error [2.95.2]

Bob Powers
Sat Jan 8 07:04:00 GMT 2000

Hello all:

Have Cygnus Full Installation with 2.95.2 & ming/extras..

Compiled Library (OpenAmulet)...using mno-cygwin.. everything worked fine --
produced  static versions (release/develop) and Dll versions.

Now trying to compile test/progs and samples/progs included in the
distribution... I'm successful using the static
library version/s ....but using the Dll version/s produces an

"Internal compiler error in 'rest_of_compilation', at toplev.c:4415"
"Please submit a full bug report."

An included Readme file indicated that gcc 2.95 would not compile the
test/samples because of a bug in "handling dllimported objects"...... does
anyone know if this is also
the case with 2.95.2 or should I be looking for another answer...

Thanks for any help or comments


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