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Andre Oliveira da Costa
Sat Jan 8 10:34:00 GMT 2000

It sounds great! (I myself had already have problems due to this odd
behavior of Windows). But, what exactly do you mean with "regular
Windows tools can't deal with the 'usual' way"? Will I be able to list,
rename and delete these files with Windows Explorer or will it be
possible only through cygwin commands?

Best regards, and congratulations for the excellent work.


DJ Delorie wrote:
> OK, time to let the voice of the people be heard!
> It turns out that there may be a way to support "reserved" names (at
> least on NT) as regular files (i.e. you could have "/usr/bin/com1" as
> a regular file).  However, the choice to do so is controvertial, as
> we'd be creating files that regular Windows tools can't deal with the
> "usual" way.

André Oliveira da Costa

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