[Fwd: Re: rcs for CygWin?]

Georg Fusz fusz@cadlab.tu-berlin.de
Mon Jan 10 09:20:00 GMT 2000

CS-RCS, from Component Software
is a nice GUI-interface for the normal RCS. It is well integrated in the Win

For my taste the normal RCS works better with the EMACS. 

Eduardo Jorge Martinez Velez wrote:
> I am using CS-RCS, from Component Software.
> It's free for single user (my situation).
> I am currently using it inn my NT WS 4.0 , as server and workstation
> for the projects.
> The integration with MS soft (VFP50) works well, butt note that, for
> huge projects (more than 24k files in my trees), the CheckIn and the
> load from Windows Software it's a nightmare.
> Not CS-RCS fault, but RCS and DDE messaging limitations.
> Out of that, it's the heaven on Windows.
Georg Fusz

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