[mingw32] Re: [RFC] changing gcc default output executable name (a.exe now)

Andre Oliveira da Costa costa@cade.com.br
Thu Jan 13 11:59:00 GMT 2000

> The process I (and others that I am familiar with) use is to
> define macros for common file extensions such as: EXEEXT, OBJEXT,
> and LIBEXT. You can conditionally define these in the makefile
> (or in a makefile that is included everywhere) to be the proper
> values for the target platform.

What I do when I have to tweak a makefile is pretty close to what you
described -- except for the fact that I didn't put things in a separate
makefile to be included everywhere, which is definitely a GoodThing(TM). I
just started this thread to see if there was an alternative which didn't
imply in tweaking the makefiles (e.g. an environment variable).

Thanks for your attention.

Best regards,

André Oliveira da Costa

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