[mingw32] Re: [RFC] changing gcc default output executable na me (a.exe now)

Andre Oliveira da Costa costa@cade.com.br
Thu Jan 13 13:44:00 GMT 2000

> If someone wants to submit a patch to the gcc maintainers I'm sure that
> they will give it their attention.
> In fact, if you Cc me, I will talk to people at Cygnus about it and try
> to advocate that it be installed.
> I would suggest that somebody who feels strongly about it should start
> working on this ASAP.

That's good. Any volunteers? I'll try to take a look at it ASAP (which might
take sometime... please, if anybody else has the chance, feel free to do it
first). But, who is the actual responsible for appending the .exe suffix,
gcc or ld? Also, I'd like to propose a change from GCC_SUFFIX to EXE_SUFFIX.
What do you (Chris, Earnie, cygwin-community) think?

André Oliveira da Costa

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