Mingw32 / GCC 2.95.2 bug?

Joost Kraaijeveld JKraaijeveld@Askesis.nl
Thu Jan 13 15:18:00 GMT 2000

I have this little program that does not work on MingW32 with the CRT or
MSVC runtime. It works on two other compiler (IBM Visual Age and
Microsoft VC 6.0).

I think that it is the fault of the compiler. Can anyone look onto this?

One can download the example at http://www.askesis.nl , follow the link

To install the example: create a directory, unzip the file, type make.
To run it without error: type "ALibTest 1 0", to run it with error: type
"ALibTest 1 1". This is the simplest case. The are more complex examples
depending on the parameters (one can figure that out in Main.cpp). For
the IBM and MS environment, project files are included.


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fax: 024-3608416
email: JKraaijeveld@Askesis.nl
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