Cygwin 1.0?

Kendall Bennett
Sat Jan 15 16:58:00 GMT 2000

Hi Guys,

I am wondering what stuff is different between the Cygwin 1.0 release 
and the latest B20.1 (which is actually rather old) that is available 
for free download? From what I can work out, the license for the 1.0 
CD means the binaries are not freely redistributeable, so they can't 
simply be uploaded to the ftp site? It is supposedly just Cygwin B21 
with extra binaries and stuff, but I can't find Cygwin B21 stuff on 
the net anywhere so far.

Basically I am trying to figure out if I should spring the $79 (is 
the community special offer still going?), or if I can piece together 
the stuff myself by downloading binaries and sources from the net. 


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