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Charles S. Wilson
Sun Jan 16 09:31:00 GMT 2000

"John van V." wrote:
> > We would certainly consider changing this if a customer wanted to pay
> > for this work.  It would be a very interesting project.
> I, for one, am getting a little tired of hearing this from your organization.
> I am founding a perl group which will not only preach to educators the cost
> effectiveness of our swiss-army-chain-saw, but teach business types as well,
> for free.
> An this w/o the support of our employers.

> > We would certainly consider changing this if a customer wanted to pay
> > for this work.  It would be a very interesting project.

This is a perfectly reasonable statement. Cygnus in business to make
money. Since their current personnel are already overworked, the massive
overhaul required to make cygwin "secure" -- when it runs on top of an
inherently insecure base (NT) -- implies the need to hire more people.
People cost money. Who's going to pay their salaries? A CUSTOMER!

And don't go off about how Chris & friends should do it in their free
time. From what I can tell, they already are working on cygwin during
their "free" time! Chris has been 'on the list' answering questions and
responding to posts past midnight, and on the weekends -- he's already
putting in his own time to this project, as are many Cygnus employees.
One of the *dis*advantages of working at a company (like Cygnus) whose
business is growing faster than its headcount is that there is always
more work than there are people; hiring just can't keep up. Yet, in
spite of this, these guys are putting in extra time for free to support

Since there are only about a dozen non-cygnus employees who contribute
ANY code to the cygwin base, but over 2000 people subscribed to the list
-- folks who in many cases never bother to RTFM or search the archives
or read the FAQ -- it's no wonder that Chris & co. are getting a little
tired of the constant refrain:

"Why don't you add X" 

Get off your high horse, stop preaching to the Cygnus guys that they
ought to work even harder than they already are, and YOU help them. If
you can't code, compile and publish. If you can't compile, document and
publish. (I can't code well, so I try to help by putting up an archive
of precompiled stuff for others to use. )

>  You guys, on the other hand are rolling in dough, spending millions on NY apartments, etc, etc...

Where the &#*@&!#$ did you EVER get that idea? Even if the employees got
much personal financial benefit from the Red Hat buyout, Cygnus is
CA-based, and RH is based in NC. None of 'em live in NY. Geez. Cygwin is
free, you ingrate; appreciate what you're getting!


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