cygwin-b20; windows 2000; not enough memory error

Robert Graham Merkel
Sun Jan 16 14:10:00 GMT 2000 writes:
 > Hi,
 > I am struggling with getting cygwin to work under Windows 2000.
 > Am trying to compile a Linux tailored to my system. 'Make config' works OK,
 > 'make dep' however causes lots of error messages:

You're not trying to compile a Linux *kernel* under cygwin are you?

Cygwin may be a clever collection of software, but you can't do that with

In any case, a linux kernel is useless without quite a few key
utilities, which are most conveniently obtainable as part of a Linux
distribution (such as Redhat or Debian).  As well as these tools, a
Linux distribution will contain a pre-compiled kernel to get you going
with Linux (which will likely be all you need), and all the tools you
could possibly desire to build your own kernel.

Robert Merkel		                          

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