Corinna Vinschen corinna@vinschen.de
Mon Jan 17 15:27:00 GMT 2000

Abdelmajid Bouazza wrote:
> I extract the file cygwin-inst-20000113_tar.gz in the cygwin directory
> And now dd if=foo of=/dev/fd0 bs=512 works :-)
> But :-( I don't understand why it doesn't work when the /dev/fd0 isn't
> mounted
> using dd if=foo of=//./A: bs=512 ?

Raw devices are not handled fully transparent by WinNT. Cygwin
recognizes raw devices by their posix paths.

> Exacly, I want to use dd independently of cygwin
> (ie dd.exe + cygwinXX.dll only)

No problem if you mount it before the first usage.


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