/ , /usr etc not in c:\-Partition, how? Really free X-Server for win9x/cygwin, where?

Johannes Eble johannes.eble@arcormail.de
Wed Jan 19 03:53:00 GMT 2000


I have two questions:
The cygwin 20.1 full release automatically setup the root (/) and the
/usr, /tmp in the c:\ parition. Is there a way to have the directories
in the d:\ parition which is not the system patition?

I didn't find an X-server for Win9x/Cygwin which is really free, i.e.
not only a 15 days trial version. Do you know of any? I want to
install the DDD-Debugger which needs an X-server. The FAQ points to
MI/X 2.0 for windows which is not really free and is not recommended
by Mumit Khan either.

Any help would be very useful. Thanks in advance.


Best regards,
 Johannes                          mailto:johannes.eble@arcormail.de

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