porting imtools using cygwin

Jonathan Kuhn jonathan.kuhn@gsfc.nasa.gov
Thu Jan 20 11:48:00 GMT 2000


I just took a crack at porting the San Diego SuperComputing image tools
(imtools at ftp://ftp.sdsc.edu/pub/sdsc/graphics/imtools/ ) using cygwin.
I muddled through several problems and finally got executables.
Unfortunately, when I try to run the executable, it hangs, sucking up
the cpu.

Has anyone out there already ported imtools using cygwin? If not, is
anyone out there interested in doing it?


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  Bldg 5 Rm C310A      *  (301) 286-0204 fax
  NASA/GSFC Code 542   *  jonathan.kuhn@gsfc.nasa.gov
  Greenbelt, MD 20771  *  http://snipe.gsfc.nasa.gov/~jonathan

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