bug doing mv on a shared directory

Jeffrey Juliano juliano@cs.unc.edu
Sun Jan 23 11:53:00 GMT 2000

I think I've found a bug, but I don't know enough about windows to
really say more.

I'm running Cygwin-1.0 (CD dll) on windowsNT-4.0-sp5.  The directory
D:\downloads was "shared" so that it was visible to other computers.

Here's what I did:

  cd /d
  mkdir binary
  mount -b -s 'D:\binary' /d/binary
  mv downloads binary

Afterwords, I remembered that D:\downloads was shared.  So, in explorer,
I right-clicked on D:\binary\downloads, and set up sharing to use the
same sharename that it had previously been shared as.  When I clicked on
OK in the sharing dialog box to apply the changes, a dialog box popped
up that:

 * informed me that that sharename was already in use by D:\downloads
 * asked if I wanted D:\binary\downloads to be shared by that name

So I clicked OK, telling it to remove the share from D:\downloads and
use that sharename for D:\binary\downloads.  This is not what I'd
expected to happen.  D:\downloads no longer existed on my system at that

Seems to me like a dangling sharename pointer?  The missing component
here, I think, is that when you move a dir using explorer, and the dir
is shared, explorer pops up an OK-Cancel dialog box telling you that if
you go through with the move, the dir will no longer be shared.  It
seems that cygwin is skipping this check, and somehow the sharename is
still allocated.

If this behavior is by design, and remains the default behavior, then
perhaps it would be good to add an option to mv (and rm?) for removing
any sharenames.

If you need more info, please ask.


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