bash, javac and that pesky slash.

Randall R Schulz
Mon Jan 24 09:39:00 GMT 2000


You must distinguish Cygwin programs from all others and use Windows 
native path name syntax for any program not compiled for Cygwin. For 
me, this most often manifests itself when I wish to launch Vim.

Randy Schulz
Teknowledge Corp.
Palo Alto, CA USA

At 09:31 -0800 1/24/00, Craig MacFarlane wrote:
>Sun's javac, in jdk1.2.1, seems to change the
>forward slashes used by bash to backward slashes
>used by windows.
>   bash-2.02% javac -d //d/destdir/classes
>produces the error message
>   The \\d\destdir\classes directory does not exist.
>Is there any way to use javac with bash
>while specifying destination dirs for your classes?
>It appears as though javac is trying to be too smart
>by substituting slashes.

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