bash, javac and that pesky slash.

Andre Oliveira da Costa
Mon Jan 24 09:49:00 GMT 2000

That's true. jdk is a Windows native application, it wasn't compiled with
cygwin. Therefore, it doesn't understand the '/' used by UNIX (cygwin); you
must use the M$ '\'. Also, drives must be referenced by their "names" (e.g.
"D:" in your case, and not "//d"). Other: the CLASSPATH environment variable
must use M$-path-style also, because it is meant to be interpreted by jdk



André Oliveira da Costa

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> Craig,
> You must distinguish Cygwin programs from all others and use Windows
> native path name syntax for any program not compiled for Cygwin. For
> me, this most often manifests itself when I wish to launch Vim.

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