bash, javac and that pesky slash.

Andre Oliveira da Costa
Mon Jan 24 11:53:00 GMT 2000

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>  The "Therefore," above is incorrect.  There are
> plenty of non-cygwin apps that recognize '/' as a path
> seperator.

True. That was a (too) strong assumption. Thanks for pointing that out.

> > CLASSPATH environment variable
> > must use M$-path-style also, because it is meant to
> > be interpreted by jdk tools.
>  Could be, I know nothing at all about java/jdk.

Believe me, it is: I recently installed jdk-1.2.2 on my NT4 machine, and
Java tools refused to work from my bash prompt because I had CLASSPATH
defined on my .bashrc with UNIX-like pathnames separated by ":". When I
changed it to M$-style paths and ";" among pathnames, it all worked.


André Oliveira da Costa

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