bell after incomplete completion
Mon Jan 24 13:22:00 GMT 2000

No, that isn't the right setting. Its an actual bell, (i.e. the sound you
get when you hit C-g).
I've been trying to get ~/.initrc to work using the preference 'set
prefer-visible-bell On', but bash doesn't seem to use that file.
The readline info is the correct stuff to be looking at right? Bash uses
that for completion and keys?
Anyone know of B20 problems or common luser errors related to this?

"Matthew Brown" <> on 01/24/2000 02:03:41 PM

To:   Fred Kulack/Rochester/IBM@IBMUS,
Subject:  Re: bell after incomplete completion

In the "sounds" control panel, change the setting for "Default Beep".

-- Matthew Brown

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Subject: bell after incomplete completion

> Any way to get rid of the bell that occurs on an incomplete filename
> completion?
> Perhaps change its sound, or always prompt with the list of possible
> completions?
> I always use filename completion, and the bell is just about intolerable.
> Thanks
> "\C-i": complete
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