Cygwin on NT 2000

Bob McGowan
Wed Jan 26 16:37:00 GMT 2000


I just did a quick check on my system (Cygwin CD 1.0, no updates, NT2K
Server build 2195).  The TMP variable is being set to match the 8.3
conventions of the older dos environment.  If you go to 'Control
Panel->System', select the 'Advanced' tab and then the 'Environment
Variables' button, you will see TMP defined (upper section).  The
definition is a path that contains spaces.  It happens that Windows
(like UNIX) will choke on a single name with spaces, unless it is quoted
or munged to the 8.3 format.  The definition of TMP is not quoted, so to
prevent problems, the system shortens it to the 8.3, using ~# in the 7th
and 8th positions.  The cygwin command cygpath -u "$TMP" resulted in a
path with the ~# preserved, which does not map to a real directory.

You have two choices:

1.  Reset the TMP variable to some other value, either in /etc/profile
or in your personal .profile.

2.  Edit the value in the NT environment section (see above).  The
actual definition is something like "%USERPROFILE%\...  You want to put
double quotes around the entire string.  The value will no longer have
the tilde in it, but the spaces will be preserved, meaning you will
still have problems unless all references to $TMP are quoted (double
quotes).  But at least the path names will be valid.


Prabhakar Goyal wrote:
> Is anybody using bash/gmake on NT 2000? By default NT 2000 set TMP variable
> to user specific directory which contains ~ . gmake chokes on it.
> thanks,
> Prabhakar
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