Query: Optimization

s.rekow s.rekow@sh-home.de
Fri Jan 28 20:10:00 GMT 2000

> >I've read over the documentation for Cygwin B20.1 and have not found
> >anything talking about if gcc can be optimized for the Pentium
> >compiler.  I see many things talking about API's and how you can port
> >Unix tools over to NT, but nothing about optimization.  Could someone
> >please tell me if you can optimize for 386/Pentium/etc. PC hardware?
> I think you'll probably need to check out the gcc documentation for
> specific compiler questions.  The Cygwin B20.1 documentation gives
> you general information on the cygwin environnment.
> Check out http://gcc.gnu.org/ for documentation.


"-mcpu=cpu type
Assume the defaults for the machine type cpu type when scheduling
instructions. The choices for cpu type are: `i386'  `i486'  `i586'  `i686'
`pentium'  `pentiumpro'  `k6'
While picking a specific cpu type will schedule things appropriately for
that particular chip, the compiler will not generate any code that does not
run on the i386 without the `-march=cpu type' option being used. `i586' is
equivalent to `pentium' and `i686' is equivalent to `pentiumpro'. `k6' is
the AMD chip as opposed to the Intel ones.
-march=cpu type
Generate instructions for the machine type cpu type. The choices for cpu
type are the same as for `-mcpu'. Moreover, specifying `-march=cpu type'
implies `-mcpu=cpu type'. "

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