distribute cvs 1-11-1p1

Luc Saffre luc.saffre@gmx.net
Sat Dec 1 02:44:00 GMT 2001

There was a bug in Version 1.11.1 of CVS (Read only access was broken), 
which has been solved in April 2001.
Cygwin includes only the buggy version.
I suggest to upgrade Version 1.11.1p1.

Or is there a work-around?



Revision 1.93, Fri Apr 27 20:45:47 2001 UTC (7 months ago) by dprice
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: cvs1-11-1p1
Changes since 1.92: +7 -0 lines* configure.in: Update version number.* NEWS 
(new since 1.11.1): Broke read-only fix.(new since 1.11): Diff fix.* 
configure: Regenerated.* cvs.spec: Ditto.

Changes since 1.11.1:

* Read only access was broken - now fixed.

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