Shortcuts and symlinks

Collin Grady
Sat Dec 1 19:40:00 GMT 2001

     Try using ln -s from a prompt to make your shortcuts.  Then they are
symlinks in Cygwin, and Windows treats them as shortcuts.
     -Collin Grady

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Subject: Shortcuts and symlinks

> Hello,
> I am running the cygwin 1.3.5 on an XP Pro machine.
> I'm trying to have shortcuts created in explorer be recognized as symlinks
> by cygwin, but to no avail.  At the most basic, if I create a directory
> called foo in my home dir, then in explorer drag and create a shortcut
> called bar, I see the bar.lnk file, but I can't change dir into it.  file
> shows it as a ms shortcut:
>     :~$ file bar.lnk
>     bar.lnk: ms-Windows shortcut
> I'd also like to get this working for files, drag file as shortcuts in
> explorer and have them appear as symlinks in cygwin.  This fails in the
> way.
> After reading the faq, and in particular section 40 (Why can't I cd into a
> shortcut?) I'm particularly confused.  The quote
>     "Since version 1.3.0, Cygwin treats shortcuts as symlinks. "
> implies that this should just work, or am I missunderstanding how cygwin
> treats shortcuts?
> Any ideas?
> thanks,
> Oren
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