Configurable behaviour when remapping cygdrive - please!

Kazuhiro Fujieda
Mon Dec 3 08:32:00 GMT 2001

>>> On Mon, 03 Dec 2001 16:04:25 +0100
>>> Rune Enggaard Jensen <> said:

> such that all my drives -- including those mapped to network drives -- 
> were automagically mapped to /c, /d, /w etc.
> I therefore suggest that the behaviour is made configurable, e.g. by an 
> environment variable, such that the default is the "old" behaviour where 
> /cygdrive was not "cd-able". Is that possible and acceptable?

I hope `mount -c /' exceptionally behave the same as the old one.
If we can see all drives on the cygwin root directory, we can't
avoid deleting all files with typing `rm -rf /' on the FAT file
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