vim doesn't work

Satya Nemana
Mon Dec 3 08:38:00 GMT 2001

To fix all vim's cygwin dll problems, reinstall libncurses5 package and
try again.

I am OK with vim now, after I did this as per CYGWIN/FAQ. It is
pretty-straight forward.

But Rob, I don't understand how selecting "Source" fixes this. See your
reply below.

For your quick info, here is a snapshot of this FAQ from cygwin

My application cannot locate cygncurses5.dll!!!

   If you upgraded recently, and suddenly vim (or some other Cygwin
application) fails with this message, it means that you did not follow
these instructions properly:
`'.  To repair
the damage, you must run setup.exe again, and re-install the
`libncurses5' package.

   Note that setup won't show this option by default.  In the "Select
packages to install" dialogue, click on the `Full/Part' button.  This
lists all packages, even those that are already installed.  Scroll down
to locate the `libncurses5' package.  Click on the "cycle" glyph until
it says "Reinstall".  Continue with setup.

Satya Nemana

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> Charles Wilson wrote:
> > Mike Oliver wrote:
> > > Is there a way to tell it "get
> > > the latest stable version of everything of which I don't already
have the
> > > latest stable version"?
> >
> > Sure -- just run setup again.  Now that *something* is installed, it
> > will happily recommend that you update those packages.
> Thanks (thanks, Colin, too).  I did that and it works now.
> However, to save download time, I didn't request source when updating
> the packages, so now my source is out of sync.  Is there a way to make
> it get only the sources that are out of date, without going through
> manually to see which ones those are?

Run setup in download only mode, and select "source" for every package.
It'll only download the missing tarballs.


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