incorrect terminfo link in /lib and /usr/lib

Charles Wilson
Mon Dec 3 09:39:00 GMT 2001

Tom Porcher wrote:

> I think I see the problem here.  On my installation of Cygwin (1.3.5),
> the link in /usr/lib is:
>     /usr/lib/terminfo -> ../share/terminfo
> This link is fine for /usr/lib, where "../share/terminfo" resolves to
> "/usr/share/terminfo".  But referencing the same link from /lib:
>     /lib/terminfo -> ../share/terminfo
> results in a dead link, because "/share/terminfo" does not exist.
> The link should be an absolute link to "/usr/share/terminfo" and not
> a relative link such as it is.

Probably.  But I *used* to do it that way, and I vaugely remember that 
it caused problems.  But I don't remember what.  Can anybody recall, or 
am I just blowing smoke?

terminfo maintainer

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