Can't run any executable from cygwin/bin

Pavel Tsekov
Tue Dec 4 00:54:00 GMT 2001

Can you post the output of "cygcheck -r -v -s" ?

Ivan Dobrianov wrote:
> Well, nothing works indeed :-!
> The executables in cygwin/bin fall into those categories:
> (a) Print nothing and hang, e.g.:
> D:\bin\cygwin\bin>.\ls
> D:\bin\cygwin\bin>.\bash.exe
> D:\bin\cygwin\bin>.\sort --help
> (b) Print nothing and return immediately, e.g.
> D:\bin\cygwin\bin>.\less.exe --help
> D:\bin\cygwin\bin>cygcheck.exe
> (c) tcsh is in its own class: crashes trying to write some forbidden memory.
> All these seem to work on other machines both from bash and DOS. Mistery!

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