Can't start VIM 6.0.93-1

Pavel Tsekov
Tue Dec 4 03:03:00 GMT 2001

Thomas Schindler wrote:
> "Der Prozedureinstiegspunkt 'bind_textdomain_codeset' konnte in der Dynamic Link
> Library 'cygintl.dll' nicht gefunden werden"
> Here is my trial of a translation into english :-) :
> "The procedure callpoint (maybe 'hook') 'bind_textdomain_codeset' couldn't be
> found in the dynamic link library 'cygintl.dll'"

Yes, this is a known problem with the setup.exe (if you search the
cygwin-apps ml you'll found more info on this) - it installed the
previous version of the gettext package. Btw searching the mailing
list archive for "bind_textdomain_codeset" would help also.

> Here ist the result of running "cygcheck -s -v":

This is the previous version of the gettext package -
run setup.exe and upgrade to latest.

> gettext             0.10.35-2p1

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