cygwin mutt: Problem with line endings?

Gary R. Van Sickle
Wed Dec 5 03:36:00 GMT 2001

Hi Rainer,

> Hello Gary,
> since you have introduced yourself to me as cygwin mutt maintainer some
> time ago, I dare to contact you directly concerning my current mutt
> trouble.

"Dare"?  Oh come on, I'm not *that* scary am I?! ;-)  It's always better though
to post any questions to the cygwin list rather than to me directly (after the
requisite FAQ- and mail-archive-searches) for a couple reasons: any solutions
might of course be of help to others, and somebody else might have answers I
don't.  In that vein, I've taken the liberty of copying the list and adding them
to the followups.  But to the issue at hand:

> Having updated some cygwin packages, mutt has begun displaying message
> texts like this:
> > > about in 1998 i wrote a first part of a book
> +
> > > with pieces of music, using PMX and M-tx (and musixlyr).
> +
> > > Now i wanted to write another part for the book using
> +
> > > the now enhanced PMX and M-tx (and musixlyr).
> +
> .. with inverted '+' signs, indicating "long" lines. In fact, hovever,
> the lines are not longer than visible (i.e. no hidden space characters
> at the line ends). Before the update, mutt has displayed the same
> messages normally, i.e. without the intermediate '+' lines.
> To my eyes, this seems as if mutt had trouble with CRLF newlines.

I'm seeing this too (received email only, right, i.e. not during a compose?),
and that's sure what it looks like.  It's not receiving binary attachemnts for
me either, though I don't think that's new (I never did anything on the receive
side), and it is still sending them fine.  Lord how I want this
CR/LF-LF-CR-LF/CR-CTRLZ craziness to just go away for ever and ever....

> On the
> other hand, the inbox file *has* Unix-style line endings and is accessed
> by mutt via a binmode mount ("mount" output: "e:\rainer\daten\mail on
> /mail type user (binmode)"). Just to make sure, I've also tried the same
> with /mail as a textmode mount, but with the same result.

And I'm textmode all-around, always.  You'd sure think it would work one way or
the other.  What happens if you manually convert your inbox to CRLF line

What are you using for your receive-side "fetchmail+procmail" stuff?  Was
anything there part of what you updated?

> Since this issue touches one that you've pointed out as a new property
> of mutt 1.2.5i-5, "Default Cygwin file mode handling has been
> re-enabled, so your mutt config files need only match your mount mode
> (i.e. you don't need unix line endings on a textmode mount)", this
> suggests that there may be some relation. Or am I doing something wrong?
> I'd greatly appreciate if you could help me somehow.
> This is part of "mutt -v" output before the update, when everything was
> still okay:
> Mutt 1.2.5i (2000-07-28)
> System: CYGWIN_NT-5.0 1.3.3(0.46/3/2) [using ncurses 5.2]
> The same in the current situation:
> Mutt 1.2.5i (2000-07-28)
> System: CYGWIN_NT-5.0 1.3.6(0.47/3/2) [using ncurses 5.2]

Well, that's a pretty good gap in cygwin1.dll's, but I'm pretty certain the
solution to this is somewhere in the bowels of mutt's source.  I don't offhand
recall anything text/bin related going into the DLL recently.

> Thanks in advance for any help!

Unfortunately I don't have much to give you at this point, but thanks for
bringing this to my attention.  I had planned on rerolling 1.2.5i one last time
here in the near future just to get it linked to the new ncurses, but it seems I
may have more work than just a rebuild to do.  Shoot.

Gary R. Van Sickle
Brewer.  Patriot.

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