cvs/ssh and rsa based authentication

Mark Himsley
Wed Dec 5 04:38:00 GMT 2001

This is my guess:

Your Cygwin ssh client and the server you are connecting to have probably
decided to use SSH2 protocol but you have not appended your
~/.ssh/ to the servers ~/.ssh/authorized_keys2.

Either stick to SSH1 by using the -1 option to the ssh client or transfer
contents of ~/.ssh/ to the servers  ~/.ssh/authorized_keys2.

I guess this because its happened to me.

You should be able to debug this by using the -v option in ssh.

Good luck.

On Wed, 05 Dec 2001 13:18:49 +0100 you wrote:

>Hi all,
>I've seen that there were already several discussions about
>cvs and ssh, but I have a so far undiscussed problem
>- maybe someone can help me.
>I already know how to use cvs in combination with ssh,
>and it works fine. Whenever you send an cvs command,
>then one of the available autentication methods for ssh
>is invoked. One method is password authentication. This is
>very annoying, if you use cvs with ssh, because you have
>to type your ssh password each time you send a cvs
>So I tried to use the rsa based authentication method for
>ssh. I generated a public/secret key pair (without a passphrase)
>and put the public key into the ~/.ssh/autorized_keys file on
>the cvs server. The RSAAutentication option in the sshd_config
>file on the server is set to yes. Everything works fine if I try to
>login from a linux client - the rsa authentication works, and I'm
>not asked for a password.
>Unfortunately the same thing doesn't work, if I login to the
>same server from a Windows 2000 client using Cygwin.
>Although I have created another public/secret key pair on
>the Windows 2000 system and put the public key into the
>~/.ssh/autorized_keys file on the cvs server, I'm still asked
>for my ssh password, each time I send a cvs command or
>each time I try to login to the server via ssh directly. This
>happens even if I use the ssh option -i (with which you can
>specify the path to your secret key directly).
>The strangest thing is: I've downloaded another ssh client program
>for Microsoft Windows (
>and if I use this ssh client in combination with WinCVS 1.2, then
>it works - I'm not asked for a password.
>Now it gets very confusing: If I use the same ssh client not in
>combination with WinCVS, then I'm asked for the password again!
>Has anybody any idea, how I can get rid of this password checking?
>Andreas Schorr

Mark Himsley
In Acton

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